1. gretas gerwigs


  2. RickNasty

    Why does one nip point up and the other points down? #lazynip

  3. cc

    Those straps could be removed with such ease. One click flick on each side and voila bare breasts.

  4. Slappy Magoo

    Was this picture taken before or after Jamie Gumb threw her down the well in his basement and made her put the lotion on the skin?

  5. Ermagerd! Gerwig nerples!

  6. Alicia Silverstone long lost sister

  7. Alan Alda's Nutsack

    I’d throw it in her anus.

  8. fred

    I love it that women can never seem to figure out that their nipples will show through certain clothing in pictures, but I am in a constant state of panic that one day, one horrible day, they will all figure it out.

    • Courtkney

      It’s the flash. I wonder if you just took a picture of yourself with flash if you could tell if it was gonna happen or not.

  9. It must have taken her stylist hours to get the part just right.

  10. Helena Handbasket

    Gag me with a gerwig. She’s just ok, not better than 80 percent of actresses or any random person you see on the street. Really don’t get the hype with this one.

  11. martina

    mmm hmmm, she’s very good looking

  12. Skeeter

    I’d tongue bang and pound her asshole.

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