1. Yeah, I think we got it know.

  2. Is this the part where he burns her with a cigar, then pees on her, and then I climax?

    • Dox

      Nah, this is the part where she paints her face to look like a mime, stands in naked in a forest clearing with her arms upraised for fourteen days, he dances around her chanting Sumerian funerary rites, and the both somehow manage to pull another hit album out of their asses.

  3. Kim K and Kanye don’t like copycats…Unless they’re getting a percentage.

  4. cc

    It’s be funny if he sat on her back and started going ‘Heeeya, mule’ and swatting her backside…with a wrench.

  5. JC

    If you scrape all the war paint off, remove the giant eggshells and feather boas, and put her in a bikini on all fours, Lady Gaga don’t look half bad.

  6. I can hear Kris filing the copyright infringement lawsuit from 4 states away.

  7. Slappy Magoo

    So the love songs are true, there really is some douche bag for every douche bag.

  8. He’s going to tea bag her ass with droopy drawers and poopy diapers.

  9. That’s one for the spank bank.

  10. I’m stuck…in the closet … got lady gaga on all fours… in the closet… so I take out my gun!!…

  11. Dox

    I can hear someone warming up a “This condones abuse towards women.” segment on their show somewhere…..

  12. Good gawd! Hope the crew had hazmat suits.

  13. Where have I seen this before….?

  14. Smell the Glove.

  15. There goes your feminist cred lady gaga. Nice job

  16. JungleRed

    I think she’s about to spray him.

  17. isnt gaga a little too old for him?

  18. kimmykimkim


  19. Terry Richardson calls this art, R.Kelly and Lady Gaga call it Thursday.

  20. Blob

    “I don’t remember eating that?”

  21. Reminds me to watch Dave Chappell…”drip drip drip”.

  22. j/k

    Get on up here and Miley Cyrus me woman!

  23. duane

    Yellow rain, yellow rain

  24. Jewbot

    R. Kelly and a dog… Who pees on whom first?

  25. whatever

    but she is not even a teenager…

  26. sitsdeep

    Is that a cigar in his left hand? going to pull a Clinton?

  27. Yeah, ‘posing’.

  28. martina

    Guys? I don’t even WANT to know.

  29. Back when, the expression was ‘water off a duck’s back’…now it must be piss off a rat’s back.

  30. What the fuck??

    My first thought was “who is that babe on the floor??”

    What the fuck is going on?!?

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