1. It’s only fitting that the most interesting man in the world get to be with Helen Mirren.

  2. JC

    What’s the proper way to address someone you’re about to finger bang if she holds the title of Dame? Just in case it ever comes up.

  3. Dox

    “I don’t always stick my hand in someone’s crotch.
    But when I do, its Helen Mirren.

    Stay Classy, my friends.”

  4. “Have you ever fingered an Oscar winner?”


    “Would you like to?”

  5. donkeylicks

    Now replace that hand with the hand of Alexander Skarsgard and we’ll have the world’s first pregnant 68 year old.

  6. Helen remains the hottest woman on Earth in whatever age bracket she’s in.

  7. “You know… I could put a little one, right here.”

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