1. joe

    Young Ozzy time traveled to give his daughter some advice. But since he forgot Sharon, he has no idea what he wanted to say.

  2. ThisWillHurt

    “Mat! Get in close so we can see what a happy couple you two are!”
    “. . .”

  3. JC

    Yes, please stand aside, Matthew. We don’t want any distractions in the photos of Ozzy in a purple wig and orange evening gown.

  4. Slappy Magoo

    That girl standing next to Dame Edna might wind up kinda pretty when she grows up.

  5. cc

    She looks like someone put a wig and a dress on a fire hydrant.

  6. She’s more man than he is.

  7. limeseeds

    That teen lesbian sure is sweet, accompanying dear old granny to the train station or some such.

  8. Dox

    Why is he prettier than her? Doesn’t that violate some natural law?

    Dear god… his hair… its so… luxurious, and vibrant… He must use Suave.

  9. BeckyStyles

    Nice to see the Jonah Hill diet is catching on. I see she’s past the “coke till thin” DVD and is working on the “back to fat” one.

  10. I thought elves and dwarves hated each other in Middle Earth.

  11. Odbarc

    I thought she lost that weight. Why is she FAT again?
    Stupid ugly purpled haired bitch.

  12. Alan Alda's Nutsack

    Forever fat and forever a slob. Her and that Lohan creature are tied for the most ugly smile in history.

  13. “Please welcome Mosshart and Mooseshart.”

    “Which is which?”

    “Doesn’t matter.”

  14. “Hey, we just mocked you, lame celebrities.”

    “We just helped slow the spread of AIDS.”


  15. “Kids…This is your brain on drugs!”

  16. fred

    Why is he looking at her like he is measuring her back? And why is he mumbling under his breath, “It puts the lotion in the basket”?

  17. ewwwww, and ewwwwer. Take you pick.

  18. whatever

    he so badly wants to be ozzy’s son and inherit all that money

  19. Mr. Virginia Tech

    …and this woman has the audacity to hack on people for their fashion choices.

  20. navvet75

    she looks like her mother and about as old

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