1. If he runs into a deadly snake, he can always do the Calrton. Never fails.

  2. Don’t you have to be a celebrity to be on that show?

  3. A black guy in Australia? Crikey!

  4. JC

    He’s going to appear in the series reboot, retitled “The Fresh Prince of Eclairs.”

  5. Slappy Magoo

    DO you think days like these he wishes the urban legend about him dying from breaking his neck while spinning on his head in a breakdancing contest were true?

  6. cc

    No, no, no, SANTA is black, the Crocodile Hunter is white.

    • Im so fucking confused after this week..

      • Dox

        Wait… no no no.
        Santa is a white Turkish guy. Jesus is an Aryan Jew. The Crocodile hunter is an albino Australoid (That’s an actual real term by the way….)… I am kind of confused though….

        Is the Easter bunny an actual bunny, or is he a long eared chinchilla? And if he’s a chinchilla (or even a he for that matter, what do we really know about this egg giving nutjob anyways?) Then do we change his name to Pedro? Or am I being racist?

      • cc

        ‘Is the Easter bunny an actual bunny, or is he a long eared chinchilla?

        He’s a pika with fake ears. Santa ran into him in northern BC and said ‘I’ve got a gig for you.’

  7. catapostrophe

    And by “here,” the show’s title means “the closet”.

  8. Dox

    Are you wearing a fanny pack? Seriously?

  9. Is he helping out on production or something?

  10. Ginger Failed

    he has the body and taste of a middle-aged white woman.

  11. fred

    Are you sure that is not a picture of him at his job standing on cakes for parties at Outback Steakhouse?

  12. j/k

    Tyler Perry is doing a Brokeback Mountain for Blacks?

  13. This fashion statement can be seen from space, and they are asking if it can be turned off.

  14. tlmck

    How much to get Australia to keep him?

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