1. Joe Blow

    Wait… Santa’s a white guy?

  2. “Is that a yule log in your pocket, or are you John Hamm?”

  3. Bat Guano

    Santa’s going to hold her there until she pisses in his lap, isn’t he?

    Oh Santa…I thought you were different.

  4. cc

    Wait, wait no, it’s just eggnog!

  5. Dox

    Cause that’s what Christmas is all about. Sexually suggestive poses with fictional holiday icons.

  6. All Santa wants for Christmas is a good motorboat.

  7. “And on this one occasion, Santa came more than once a year.”

  8. donkeylicks

    Someone needs to let Doug Hutchinson know that she’s in her twenties. Also, stop dressing as Santa.

  9. A few minutes later, Santa emptied his sack.

  10. LLBL

    Ho. Ho. Ho.

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