1. teddy


  2. JC

    She just saw the ultrasound of her mutant fetus.

  3. cc

    Jon Hamm’s does it again.

  4. Ewwww thats the worst blowjob face Ive seen so far.

  5. catapostrophe

    It must be fun to believe everybody thinks you’re amusing and cute.

  6. She just realized Jennifer Lawrence is taking her place as America’s Sweetheart.

  7. Classic example of the difference between the “O” face and the “Oh No” face.

  8. Aerosmith looks younger here

  9. Beltliner

    Oral thermometer, my eye! Think warm thoughts, Julia…

  10. crb

    “And what a sad existential statement it is on this great land of ours that the previous title-holder of, “America’s Sweetheart” is in-fact a complete toffer, dollymop, saucebox and blackguard.” -Theodore F. Roosevelt


  12. LISA

    “I say WHO, I say WHEN…. I say how MUCH!!”

  13. yes, Ben Affleck will be Batman. no, seriously. I know. I know.

  14. don

    “…they took my thumb charlie!”

  15. Ana

    “NOOOOOOOO, Scott Foley! What are you WEARING?!”

  16. Not sure if braying, neighing, or lowing.

  17. Several of these thumbnails are just too scary to click on. This has been one of them.

  18. “NO WIRE HANGERS !!!”

  19. I’m meltinggggggggggg….

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