1. Whatever it is you are trying to pull off with a shaved head and intricately etched beard is negated by carrying around a mocha pussachino.

  2. Jackson, how many fat girls did you have sex with after saving their cats?

  3. cc

    He’s dressed that way as some sort of gag right? RIGHT?

  4. dontkillthemessenger

    I have to believe he’s in some way related to Nicolas Cage.

  5. A crazy cat lady’s best friend.

  6. He probably gets a lot of ass with that Cat Whisperer gig.

  7. Someday we’re going to read his obituary and learn how his body was discovered partially eaten by cats.

  8. fred

    Based on this picture, working with cats is the only pussy this guy gets.

  9. “I got cavity searched twice.”

  10. [henry winkler in the background] “…hold on, hold on …they’re taking HIS picture??? what the…”

  11. All of us bald guys who hesitate about facial hair live in constant fear that we may end up looking like this if we lower our guard for one day, and this idiot goes and cultivates the look…?

  12. gone a little overboard with the hello kitty.

  13. Yeah, sure, this guy gets his own tv show and shit tons of money for helping people whose cats are a big pain in the ass – but I pitch my show with the same premise and none of the networks bites. Maybe I should have thought out the show’s title a bit more – “So what the fuck, you know you can toss this one in a dumpster and the shelter has fuckloads of more free cats, right?”.

  14. YAY!! fuckin Jackson, I LOVE this guy.

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