1. joe

    He’s been focusing on the neglected food groups: the whipped group, the congealed group, and the choctastic.

  2. cc

    Is he a pygmy?

  3. nobody's second cousin

    Nice shoes, dude.. Thanks for holding up your skirt to show us.

  4. Butt Plugger

    Magic Johnson’s son in 10 years

  5. Throw a floppy wide-brimmed hat on him and Magic wouldn’t even know it wasn’t his son.

  6. Cee-Loprah Winfrey

  7. Slappy Magoo

    Why does he look so angry at us? WE didn’t tell him to dress like Florida Evans going on her first date since James died in that car crash

  8. Getting away with rape is one thing, but NOBODY gets away with those shoes.

  9. The force is strong with this one. And by force I mean chocolate.

  10. catapostrophe

    Those tiny shoes are still too big. It ain’t easy bein’ Green.

  11. What a stupid rapist/druggy. This guy ought to be in prison…instead, he’s out promoting his fat ass disgusting self. Loser.

  12. His transition to 2009 Star Jones is off to a good start.

  13. On a normal sized person those would be short shorts.

  14. Dox

    Take your hand, cover his face from the top of his sunglasses down…..

    Kind of looks like a Jawa Sand Crawler, doesn’t it?

    You’re welcome.

    • JennaBlon

      I Kinda See Kung Fu Panda Myself…But I See Where You’re Coming From…I Think I’d Like To Unsee It All Now Please.

      • Dox

        When you look into…. the… forehead…. sometimes… it looks back?

        Or something like that.
        Support meetings start at 10pm, my house. BYOB.

  15. “Yo Cee Lo! Ditch the sandals! They might find out you’re Santa!”

  16. Jade

    How did he get my mom’s clothes?

  17. Could you imagine this thing trying to have sex with you?

  18. PassingTrue

    Maybe Santa will bring this nice man a mirror for Christmas since he apparently doesn’t own one.

  19. Bane

    Something tells me this guy would be perfectly comfortable in Elton John’s closet.

  20. I don’t care for Kim Khardashian now that she’s shaved her head.

  21. donkeylicks

    I had heard that Jimmy Choo was also making men’s shoes these days. Someone should let Cee Lo know.

  22. fred

    I kind of see this as a fashion mullet. Hard-ass mo fo on top; soft, fabulous deliciousness on the bottom.

  23. Pilin


  24. whatever

    (s)he looks like a small-chested tranny who lost her wig and forgot to shave

  25. Mr. Virginia Tech

    Danny Devito is looking a bit thug lately, isn’t he?

  26. Little Tongue

    “Next step, I’m shaving my adam’s apple off.”

  27. anonymous

    Someone should tell him that it don’t matter if there is a slight separation at the legs. It’s still a dress.

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