1. Anthony

    She even kisses towards the cameras, what a vapid cunt.

  2. Mr. Poop, 2nd of his name

    that kid probably got some kanye semen (or urine?) on his lips now

  3. Joe Blow

    “Look mum, I got an S.T.D.!”

  4. dontkillthemessenger

    The last time she kissed a white guy, her dad was still alive.

  5. Sheppy

    “You now have herpes.”

  6. What does she do? WHAT DOES THIS TALENTLESS COONT DO that would make you want to have your picture taken with her? I seriously DO NOT GET IT!

    • Mama Pinkus

      She has a big ass, a sex tape and her dad pimped for a double murderer; throw in the intertubes and Twitter and that is all it takes these days to keep fame whoring in motion.

  7. Ronaldo

    Dont do it kid!!!!!! ohhhh too late.

  8. zomgbie

    eww tastes like pee.

  9. He’s going to have to be quarantined for a month as a precautionary measure.

  10. Jade

    Look at all those irresponsible adults just standing there as she gives that little kid herpes!

  11. Alison

    She’s really only halfway down to her intended destination.

  12. Cock Dr

    Check that poor kid for hoof and mouth disease ASAP.

  13. devilsrain

    Yea everybodys laughing. Its all fun and games until someone gets herpes

  14. EricLr

    Hope you like cold sores, kid.

  15. real

    Where the hell is Chris Hansen? To Catch a Carrier is in progress.

  16. Michael

    Yes, folks, even the young ones are fans of the Kunt Rashes.

  17. Aaaaannndd, that kid now has 5 different types of herpes.

  18. Fapmaster5


  19. Seriously, where is this kid’s parents? This is a porn star he’s kissing.

  20. Look at that cunt. A cheek kiss…and she doesn’t really even reciprocate. C’mon, Kim, turn your head. Give the lad a full on mouth-to-mouth, tongue down the throat kiss — something he’ll remember. And while your at it, “accidentally” left him touch your massive mammaries.

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