1. JC

    I’ve often worn a Twister mat and tried to get girls to put their hands on green circle, but it never works.

  2. Joe Blow

    Two questions: “Who?” and “Who”?

  3. Kramer Fallwood

    Jon Stewart with a wig?

  4. Johnny P!

    There’s someone for everyone…

  5. Contusion

    It looks like part of him came off on her dress.

  6. imp

    That guy just makes me think ‘Far Side Cartoon’

  7. brick

    If after googling them, and still not really being sure who they are, do they really belong here? Just saying.

  8. M Groenig

    Say “stay away from my career” again.

  9. “…and the prize for ‘ugliest couple at prom’ goes to…”

  10. I’d give a dollar to see Kim Kardashian wearing that cow dress.

  11. BP

    Is this pic from some Mongoloid Film Festival……

  12. K-Tron

    “I thought you was a toad. In a wig and a dress.”

  13. see you don’t have to be pretty to make it in show biz! (are they in show biz?)

  14. Alexis

    Tim Blake Nelson is an incredible character actor (Holes, O Brother Where Art Thou?, Etc.). And to those who think all actors have to be “pretty” – no. The non-beautiful ones just need to be kick-ass at their craft. Mr. Nelson just happens to be one of those actors.

  15. Biff

    Those teeth scare me….

  16. What the deuce?

  17. Wow, her nipples are a little off…

  18. He’s happy because he just found out that he wasn’t banned from all the Woolworth’s, just that one place.

  19. Poplika

    I didn’t know Jennifer Anniston had a sister.

  20. I thought cows only came with black spots.

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