1. I don’t like these optical-illusion dresses. You think you can see her areolas through the fabric, but no.

  2. How frugal… She’s storing the semen for the next pregnancy…

  3. Add some bounce and you have the ultimate hypno-boob.

  4. Gin&Tonic

    Remember when she used to be the hot one on that show? All that time as a trophy girlfriend then wife has been surprisingly unkind to her

  5. Oh well. I’ll always have her sex tape to fap to.

  6. Jenn

    A dress made of rick rack, on boobs made of saline.

  7. Beer Baron

    I love Magic Eye Posters!

    Is it a “No Talent Whore”?!?

  8. whatever

    Shouldn’t this whore be naked and shooting adult films, and not be paraded around in public like some decent celebrity? Whores are not shamed enough. This is the decade of the whores. Kardashians and playboy bunny morons.

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