1. Gin&Tonic

    Getting to that senile age apparently

  2. Turn the photo upside down and it’s an African-American version of The Curios Case of Benjamin Button

  3. ‘Yes, I understand you’re getting impatient, Mr. Harvey, but it seems to be taking a while to find a cab that can get you back to 1936′.

  4. Mr Harvey is pictured in the signature overcoat from his new King from ‘Coming to America’ collection.

  5. Voice of Reisling

    Business on the bottom, golf weekend on the top.

  6. JimBB

    Jeez, someone just buy him a fur coat already!

  7. I love his work on Family Feud.

  8. What weirds me out is that he has white person hands. Guess that makes him a mulatto :)

  9. crb

    No sir, Josephine Baker is no longer at The Cotton Club.

  10. Swearin

    Hmm, interesting if historically inaccurate direction they’re going with The Untouchables remake

  11. journalschism

    “I am the King of Zamunda. I am looking for my son, Prince Hakeem.”

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