1. Madame Toussoud is missing 1/3 of its statue….

  2. Christina Agarglemyload

  3. Tyler Durden made a shit load of soap with all that missing ass fat.

  4. Inner Retard

    I don’t believe this. It must be either photoshop or a very good plastic surgeon. Which is like the same thing.

  5. it had to be said

    So, she either has three asses or no ass? No happy medium with this one.

  6. Skinny Christina is a lot better than fat Christina.

  7. Back to the Christina I love.

  8. What happened to the back shelf?

  9. frankenberry

    I think she looks great! it’s not easy to lose weight..even with a personal trainer and shit..you can get all the plastic surgery you want but you still need to keep it off or it’ll just pile up again…

  10. EnglishTeacherAnni

    Unfortunate logo placement, right there in the center.

  11. I will miss fat Christina. She had sweet pregnancy boobs!

  12. whatever

    Clearly her loving boyfriend and her got into fighting and slinging words. She was normal, very slightly overweight and happy with it, and loved by her man. Then he starts calling her fat-ass, and instead of dumping him she quits eating. Very healthy. Very unhappy. It is draining emotionally and mentally to be in starvation mode. So now her boyfriend calles her bony bitch. She’ll soon be single.

  13. jay

    She’s got such a great voice that she sang her ass off!

  14. journalschism

    Clearly she’s still on one drug…Noassitol.

  15. martina

    That ass looks do-able to me.

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