1. “It’s a great day for a shrimp dip!”

  2. Ratner has no idea who Jackie Stewart is, he’s just trying to wipe the shrimp oil and jizz off his hands.

  3. David Arquette has really gone downhill since the divorce.

  4. Voice of Reisling

    He’s slowly guiding him through the chicane.

  5. JimBB

    Wait, which Doctor was he again?

  6. crb

    “What’s that you say? I can’t get any talent through osmosis? Then f**k-off, old geezer! … Okay, maybe just the watch, then.”

  7. as god is my witness, i actually thought sir Jackie was dead.

  8. “Excuse us…we’re gonna pick up some shrimp, and watch X Men 3.”

  9. J-Money

    Sooooo, Brett Ratner performs a Dutch Rutter on Sir Jackie Stewart and all the duo can do is smile. I know there’s a life lesson in here somewhere.

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