1. rican

    I see chubby people.

  2. catapostrophe

    What a HJO.

  3. I see dead people, but the not six of them that are standing behind Haley Joel Osment.

  4. Please tell me he just ate Lohan there.

  5. Voice of Reisling

    Pay it Fatward.

  6. Channeling John Belushi.

  7. fred

    I would try to hide my face from photographers too if I just got caught leaving a hotel restroom with Haley Joel.

  8. JimBB

    Former child actor staying at the Chateau Marmont? Yeah, this is probably going to end well.

  9. Vlad

    Haley Joel Osment is Donald Trump in “How To Disguise Small Woodland Creatures As Hair”

  10. Seriously, does he have some kind of dwarfism? He looks pretty disproportionate.

  11. Swearin

    Attention AMC casting: if you ever need a young Saul Goodman for a Breaking Bad prequel, look no further.

  12. capn obvious

    I see nachos.

  13. This dude has a serious case of Jerry Lewis head.

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