1. Puss InToots

    How can Laurence Fishburne be in 2 places at once?

  2. Uncle Phil

    Can someone tell Jamie Foxx this “Wanda” bit is getting a little stale?

  3. She Hulk keep child alive…She Hulk will smash AIDS!!!

  4. “When I have aches and pains from a rough tennis match, my doctor recommends a double dose of new “Smack-a-doodle” analgesic.”

  5. Two tickets to the gun show.

  6. DeucePickle

    He needs to be getting ready to take on the Ravens this weekend

  7. Any Guy

    black balls at the black ball. makes sense.

  8. cc

    Her head looks about 30% too large in this pic.

  9. Venom

    You have to have some serious guts and balls to have sex with her.
    I tip my hat in respect to you Common.

  10. The Brown Streak

    I thought I heard Chyna came back out of retirement.

  11. Black face isn’t that funny, Carrot Top!

  12. Why is Troy Polamalu wearing a dress?

  13. Bouncy Castle, London, UK

    **Keep A Child Alive’s 8th Annual Black Ball **

    I take it Casey Anthony didn’t get an invite?

  14. Tyler Perry cracks me up.

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