1. So…”Black Ball”…is that a race thing? And if so…WTF?

  2. squishy

    Sorry, was that Tyra Banks at the Eat a Child Alive Black Ball??

  3. Hey, Tyra, you can keep this “child” alive if you let me nurse off those pretty brown Milk Duds.

  4. cc

    It’s the Purple Satin People Eater.

  5. SewMeDown

    Put her and Suri in a room and I don’t know who would win.

    I’m going with Suri…

  6. slippinx12

    I didn’t know she was Jewish…wait what? I’m sorry I’m being told that is in fact her hair on the back of her head

  7. Clown Shoes

    I hope they show some black people at the keep the black children alive ball.

  8. The Brown Streak

    “Ah crap. Who invited Casey Anthony?”

  9. Roughing my way to the top

    Keep a child alive? Why? Wont they grow up day dreaming not to be able to wind their watch and bang Naomi watts?

  10. Cartman

    Black ball explains that hairdo .

  11. eclecticladyland

    Someone forgot to smize.

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