1. Dutch

    Sign on the pussy please, Ms. Tease.

  2. Fester

    I love this woman and when we hook up I hope she won’t mind my scrutinizing her under a black light for any residual traces of Marilyn Manson.

  3. Uncle Phil

    “Can you just sign it ‘Megan Fox’ please? At least she’s only slept with Brian Austin Green.”

  4. Somewhere in the heavens Betty Page and Madonna are looking down on earth, bitching about people stealing their look.

    Madonna is dead, right?

  5. Shelf tits. Nice.

  6. D-chi

    Still love her. She’s fab.

  7. cc

    Sorry, but I can’t forgive her for Marilyn Manson.

  8. Snack pack

    Cat Von Dee thinks she looks just as good as her.

  9. TRON

    She’s almost 40 and still looks great.

  10. tom

    Too much makeup.

  11. Wait, didn’t Megan Fox have her Dita tat removed?

  12. Venom

    Damn those things look highly suckable.

  13. The Brown Streak

    “Wait…am I supposed to sign this or my tits? I’m confused.”

  14. Yourmom

    This crap we missed thing is so lame. Fish has gotten lazy. We can find this shit anywhere. Who gives a fuck if someone was in Hollywood? Make shit up again it. Its what made this website so funny in the first place. Now you’re just phoning it in.

  15. From Obscurity

    Her grip on that pen speaks nothing new of her education or Manson’s girth..

  16. Kitty

    I adore her also…she is way to awesome.

  17. Thumper

    Dita Von Teese in Beverly Hills? Daddy Want These hills in his mouth!!

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