1. Puss InToots

    No, don’t give him a quarter!! He’ll just use it to buy meth like they always do.

  2. dontkillthemessenger

    He looks like he’s 2 hits away from mentioning Tiger Blood.

  3. Here we see Christian Bale rehearsing for his next role, the title character in the bio-pic about Charlie Sheen.

  4. About time Pacino got rid of the headband. For a while there, I thought he was doing some method work for the Loverboy biopic.

    • HortonHearsABoob

      Pacino in a Loverboy biopic would be SO full of rad.

      So much rad I can’t even describe it.

      They’d be breaking out Mike Reno’s old red leather pants and everything.

  5. it had to be said

    Sweet. Where’s Dumber?

  6. So now Bruce Wayne is retarded?

  7. Satan's bitch


  8. Robert

    It’s so insulting when they hire brits to play southerners.

  9. cc

    I am going to go out and find that lighting guy and give him another piece of my mind that motherfucker!

  10. He looks… nah I don’t care, dude still rocks.

  11. fandy

    “Did anyone get the number of that train, that just hit me?”

  12. M3Essential

    Herpen Derp!

  13. Venom

    An another one against all advice went full retard.

  14. Grace

    He’s still hot.

  15. Roughing my way to the top

    Advice to the other three thespian at the next academy award, concede NOW.

  16. TomFrank

    “My pants are tight!” Slow Donnie cried.

  17. vlad

    In ‘The Dark Knight Rises’, instead of Bane breaking Batman’s back like in the comics, he just beats him until he becomes retarded

  18. mabel

    Is he outside a pharmacy waiting to get his methadone or what?

  19. Dali

    dude…. that’s not him.

    Epic Fail, Superficial

  20. Unholy krep

    Hey Verne, whacha doin’?

  21. Chupacabra


  22. Manowl

    Jude Law… Gerard Butler… Christian Bale… there’s an epidemic in the UK. I’ts called hobo-junkiefication

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