1. Fester

    Like Dita Von Teese, Rose was also a receptacle for Marilyn Manson squeezin’s. Oh, the humanity!

    • EmmaWatson's Vagina

      yeah,but she didn’t marry him. MM had a lot of other chicks like China Chow,Christina Applegate,Shannen Dohoerty,Emilie DeRaven,Rosario Dawson,and a few others. just that with Dita and Rose that’s basically all they have. it was low key on who Dita fucked after MM. with Rose she did a prude version of Oliva Munn with Rodriguez and some fitness expert here in NYCwho liked to bite and bruise his lovers during sex..

      • You keeping track for him? Kinda paying a little too much attention, aren’t you?

      • EmmaWatson's Vagina

        nah.i was just doing a Oliva Munn aka making shit up. after China Chow. and the reason i noticed it they were featured here a month or so ago. but i do know a lot of chicks would love to fuck him over most singers. Surprisingly a lot of LaVeyian Satanistsdon’t like him.

      • TomFrank

        You left out Evan Rachel Wood—who I wouldn’t mind seeing here either. In fact, can we have a whole TCWM of Marilyn Manson’s ex-girlfriends? You’d probably have to repeat some girls, like you did for Hallowe’en, only this version would be way, way hotter.

    • ...

      “Surprisingly a lot of LaVeyian Satanistsdon’t like him.”

      That’s surprising? I don’t know these LaVeyian Satanists of who you speak (except that I am pretty sure that is just an XBox moniker for some hardcore online D&D players) but there is nothing remotely hardcore about this guy.

      Besides the fact that he is from FL, which means that he probably carries the serial killer gene.

      But for chrissakes, he spends his spare time with Shia Ladouche.

      Wait…come to think of it…..

  2. squishy

    A very Kim Kardashian fashion choice today.

  3. it had to be said

    Tits are very titty today, aren’t they?

  4. EmmaWatson's Vagina

    “yes,They are pale and they are spectacular”

  5. Thaaaaat’s what I meant last picture, mam. Less face, more insanely tight whatever.

  6. cc

    Can’t touch this.

  7. The Brown Streak

    It’s nice to see Jennifer Love Hewitt loan her pants to those in need.

  8. Blech

    No, you cannot HAZ ANGELEENA.

  9. arnieblackblack

    What spectacular bangers! That’s why Posh is such a miserable cunt. Lack of fun-bags…

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