1. CptCreep

    No doubt in my mind she’s signing that book with her vagina right there…

  2. squishy

    Sorry who?

  3. McSweaty

    “Made you look!”

  4. Uncle Phil

    Kris Jenner
    “How I turned a water-sports video into a multi-million dollar franchise”

  5. it had to be said

    Savoring her next victim. The little ones are still unmarried, right?

  6. Where’s a chunk of falling Soviet satellite when you need one?

  7. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    Burning books. Drowning witches. It worked before.

  8. Remind me to keep using Amazon.

  9. Fer fucksake, is there ANYTHING this woman hasn’t come up with to cash in on her former husband’s name?

    “Now at your local drugstore, try “Kar-Gash-ian brand feminine hygiene products!”

  10. cc

    Hard to imagine someone making the effort to be literate yet still wanting to read that book.

  11. fandy

    *sniffs* and poor Kimmy is soooooo hurt, she had to go to Australia to get over it *chokes* and the ring got caught up in customs

  12. DogBoy

    fuck off Kris.

  13. Venom

    Fuck you Photoboy and Fish, FUCK YOU!

  14. ” If I had to guess, I’d say ‘power forward’. Am I right? I AM!? Either way, tell him to lay off the garlic.”

  15. The Brown Streak

    Not shown: The sign that says “No injuns allowed.”

  16. Buddy the Elf


  17. God, I wish this bitch and her whole family would go down in a fiery Learjet crash as the pilot parachutes to safety, laughing hysterically.

  18. mabel

    pimp-mama’s about to give her biatches a whipping

  19. Colin

    Covering her snatch, I see. It just hasn’t been the same since she birthed a sasquatch.

  20. Radadoon

    Can you believe that I was never famous before I prostituted my kids out as fame whores? I mean look at me, al the best plastic surgery Robert’s money could buy and I still had to get my girls sex tapes and black-boning ways to the paparazzis before anyone would look at all my animal prints!

  21. Chupacabra

    Same shirt as on the book cover. Fashion faux PAW – meowrr….

  22. Dave Mustaine

    Hey Janet! Were’s Jack and Crissy?

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