1. squishy


  2. Fester

    Okay, we’ve been giving Rumer Willis shit about her chin. LOOK at THAT! Easter Island Syndrome is quickly turning into an epidemic.

  3. D-chi

    She does look nice. Good for her.

  4. Black Dude: “Who the f is she?”

  5. Yes, I would.

  6. it had to be said

    “By the way, what’s so damned “Chinese” about that theater?”

    Mao Zedong’s “Little Red Book” before editing

  7. My, what a handsome woman.

  8. Any Guy

    i’ll take that for breakfast, lunch AND dinner 8 days a week. YUM.

    haters in 3..2…1….

  9. cc

    Of course I would.

  10. Venom

    I don’t normally oogle Kristen Stewart, but when I do, I prefer doing it on The Superficial.

  11. Albert

    In the background, there’s always a black guy saying it with his t-shirt.

  12. tlmck

    Just never saw the fascination. Average actor, average looking. Must work cheap.

  13. mekks

    Woe, she actually looks really good. Good for her.

  14. Wow!!! That woman has legs that go all the way to the ground! And they are my favorite kind of legs…feet on one end and vagina on the other.

  15. eeeeeww!hooker

    she is sooo boring.
    I have seen sexier sandwiches.

  16. Radadoon

    This is actually a great picture of someone famous for doing little acting, just looking like a lost little waif in a storm-tossed life where someone always has to save her doe-eyes from being eaten by a fictional horror character.

  17. BenDoverman

    Ever since her astonishing performance in Panic Room, I’ve always wondered if her butthole was pink or brown.

  18. The black dude is obviously gay. White women are as irresistible as pigs feet and this brutha didn’t blink an eye.

  19. Pippy Longcockings

    I’m surprised Edward didn’t show up to make an impression of his nutsack.

  20. Your Mom

    Her mouth bugs the shit out of me.

  21. Hot

    She’s my girlcrush. H8ters must be blind. I would die to have her legs.

  22. dotmatrix

    It’s official. They’ve run out of real movie stars.

  23. Anon.

    Is…is that an actual emotion on her face? Thank God they caught it on camera.

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