1. Uncle Phil

    Point at the camera if you’re a douchebag.

  2. I’ve long enjoyed his baking soda.

  3. “Hey, y’all, look what I found in my nose!”

  4. “You can pull more than my finger!”

  5. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    His agent wanted to call him after the most expensive thing he could think of and ‘Army toilet seat’ was already taken.

  6. fandy

    Army takes- it- in- the- Hiney- Hammer

  7. Lindsay

    Why is Ellen Degeneres pointing at me?

  8. The Brown Streak

    Peyton Manning’s really lost a lot of respect since his neck injury.

  9. Cartman

    Hey, have you seen my career?

  10. TomFrank

    “Hey, thanks for being a fan! But, no, I am not Ryan Gosling.”

  11. eclecticladyland

    He hasn’t aged a day since “ER”

  12. ButtParty

    Who the fuck IS this

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