1. “Um, Kate, ‘when I said, “Throw the kids under the bus for few more bucks” I didn’t mean literally…”

  2. Uncle Phil

    “I told you hiding under the van would work. Now get in. We can make it to Child Protective Services before she knows we’re gone.”

  3. squishy

    Superior adult supervision at its best!

  4. dontkillthemessenger

    The time intensive world of coupon blogging claims it’s first victim.

  5. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    What happened America? Even your memes are from China.

  6. Every day is double-coupon day when you have half as many kids!

  7. it had to be said

    “Wow, mom, you really do suck!”

  8. Number 2

    I’m from Reading, and while it’s fine she makes it look like the Dirty South.

  9. D-chi

    I didn’t know they had BOGO coupons on kids, too.

    That was messed up, sorry. They’re such cute kids, though. I shudder to think of what will become of them.

  10. Caption correction:
    Kate Gosselin’s kids hoping for the release that only death will give them.

  11. “Oil’s changed,Mom. Can I eat now?”

  12. “OK, Mom. You can back-up now.”

  13. Who shrank Joseph Gordon-Levitt back to pre-3rd Rock era??

  14. fandy

    “This is what mommy did when they threatened to cancel our show”

  15. Venom

    Well this is one way to get rid of them now that they are no longer earners. She is probably trying to figure out how to hire Casey Anthony as a nanny.

  16. Look at the cuffs on that girl’s pants! No coupons for 2-for-1 pants hemming yet, I guess.

  17. The Brown Streak

    Oil changed. Tires rotated. I have to say, you get really good service at the Dinklage Auto Center.

  18. The Pope

    “Hey mom, isn’t it funny how we all look exactly like dad and nothing like you? Mom? Whatcha doing with those keys mom?”

  19. Cartman

    Mommy, back up for a new show!

  20. Kate +7 and the parapalegic.

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