1. Let me get this straight…she fucked Kanye West, and she’s supposed to judge people?

  2. it had to be said

    Nice glasses. You look like Jerry Lewis doing his telethon.

  3. Hammer time!

  4. Any Guy

    a bleached crew cut for Fran Drescher AND Dr. Eldon Tyrell’s glasses? i’m confused.

  5. cc

    She stole those glasses from the Bladerunner prop stash.

  6. fandy

    “Yeah I did that Frebreze commercial, it was a fast 100.00 bucks”

  7. adolf hitler

    she can just on the scotus with that bod.

  8. Whyask

    Yes Girls, one time proximity to celebrity semen is enough to make you a celebrity too.

  9. arnieblackblack

    Chris Brown’s the only person to have sucked more R&B and Hip-Hop cock

  10. Kardashian isn’t the only whore that likes black microphone.

  11. From Obscurity

    I hope her face smashes in the piece of windshield shes carrying on it. What?! I only wish her relevance..

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