1. Skeezix

    Tom Hulce resurfaces after a long stint in crack rehab…congratulations, sir!

  2. Peteygayfuk

    If your penis did not shrink then you must be blind.

  3. LilDeuceDeuce

    Total fucking nightmare fuel.

  4. EZ-B

    Alright, who released the Krakken?

  5. Aryn

    Hee haw, hee haw, hee haw

  6. Not Pictured: Flying Monkeys

  7. Skeezix

    Tom Hulce celebrates being discharged from Crack Rehab, plans “Amadeus Deux.”

  8. RB

    Looks like she’s got lock-jaw and been to one too many “I will do anything for a dollar” parties.

  9. Chicken Ala Kinky

    I get me brain medicine from the National Health

  10. Jesus Christ

    Ugly AND untalented.

    Proof the jewluminati can make anyone famous.

  11. momo

    still would let her clean the pipes.

  12. Big Mac

    Ugh, the walking dead? Put a bullet in that brain already.

  13. Fappuccino

    Amy Winehouse looks pretty good as a blond zombie

  14. jessica

    How in the hell is the worst thing about this picture her outfit? Well played.

  15. gigi

    still hankerin’ for a hunka cheese….

  16. Doc Schweinstrudel

    that’s all new Alcoholic Barbie

  17. Esol Esek

    I’ll take ten gallons of regular, please. How far from San Bernadino are we anyway.

    Amazing how one photo can undo millions of dollars in promotion.

  18. Esol Esek

    OK, I finally got it. Louis XIV mated with Tiny Tim.

  19. “Animal House”, right after Flounder fires the pistol.

  20. James Marshall

    Does carpet munching do that to you ?
    She’s five fingers of scotch before I take an oxy or two , at the very least

  21. bethy

    Pretty soon, her name will have to be Keha.

  22. yaiddoher

    looks like a tranny on meth…..

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