1. Deacon Jones

    “…and then I switched from coffee to herbal tea because I was getting a little jittery around mid-afternoon.”

  2. Max Shreck

    She looks like one of the Lost Boys from the live action film “Hook”, except on fucking meth.

    Her hair also looks like it has a fungal infection. IDK if that’s even possible, but seeing is believing.

  3. Alfred E. Newman is really not aging well, guys.

  4. Crabby Old Guy


  5. So apparently David Bowie had a child with… David Bowie?

  6. Wow. Not a strong look. A strong odor, very likely, but not a strong look.

  7. Cock Dr

    The gold tooth is what puts it over the top.

  8. ‘Sup, Meth-mouth?

  9. Ooo! Ooo! Azog, right? Isn’t this a leak from the new Hobbit film?

  10. tom

    I think I’m in love.

  11. i wouldn’t even put my dick in that mouth…

  12. Yup, that’s about how I would expect Plague of the Four Horsemen to look, on a good day.

  13. dirtdog

    What the f*** is that??


  15. “I can still tend the rabbits, George? I didn’t mean no harm, George”

  16. Enidaj

    By God, she is one unattractive woman.

  17. Animal

    And yet … (just kidding).

  18. duder

    It’s a funny world we live in. Speaking of funny, do you know how I got these scars?

  19. Ke$ha is basically Debbie Gibson’s mother who lives in a rusted out dumpster with pigeon feathers in her weave, sing-talks through all her songs, and sh*ts glitter.

  20. Sidgoop

    Holy shit, it looks like someone backed a tow truck into that face.

  21. poopoo

    Who is this beauty?

  22. cc

    She’s just getting by on her looks.

  23. Happy_Evil_Dude

    Stop looking! We’ve found the perfect actress to play Lindsay Lohan in the inevitable Lifetime biopic. She’s not an actress you say? Well, neither is Lindsay…

  24. richie

    Yo, where my grillz at? (no really, where are my fuckin’ teeth?)

  25. Twizzlah

    She has all the sex appeal of reading a century’s worth of weather almanacs.

  26. CK

    Halloween’s over, bit$h.

  27. Allison Wunderlan

    Let me just touch up those roots with some lawn furniture paint.

  28. I hate when they push a super hot woman on us who doesn’t actually have any talent and…oops, nevermind.

  29. If I looked like that, I would NEVER smile.

  30. Natty Ice

    I swear, all she needs is a cowboy hat and I can envision the old Cheese Wheel commercial guy…”I hanker for a hunk of cheeeeeesse!”

  31. Rapsutin's Evil Twin

    So this is what Mozart looks llike right now.

  32. Dr.J.Fever

    “I’ll get you my pretty and your little dog too!”

  33. Sheppy

    I’m going to open a class-action lawsuit against Photo Boy for presenting us with an unavoidable, malicious and vindictive visual assault on the eyes.

    Who’s with me?

  34. Contusion

    Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other gold. Or both.

  35. When did Sarah Jessica Parker get a gold tooth?

  36. alex

    You guys, its not that she’s ugly. She common. And she just made bad choices on her hair, make up, and that god-awful gold tooth.

  37. K-Dog

    There is no Ke$ha, there is only Zuul.

  38. Toe Jam

    Flava of Love Girl

  39. cagster

    She’s got that Romanian gypsy thing down.

  40. Bonky

    It was only a matter of time before Golem went all glam. Hollywood ruins everyone.

  41. Reminds me of Cletus from The Simpsons

  42. Holy fucking shit dude! Maybe you should stop brushing your teeth with a bottle of Jack and try toothpaste. And a shower appears to be in order. I can smell her through my monitor.

  43. El franc

    Did I miss the CB4 remake audition? Wait, they wanted a black person? Shit.

  44. MRF

    The internet has officially run out of pictures.

  45. spooky1234

    I think Hulk Hogan was bored and decorated one of his turds with some gold glitter.

  46. Chris

    Wait. I can’t go to jail on the 8th because I have 2nd row seats to a concert on the 9th. It’s Ke$sha and I’ll never get to see her again. She ma idul. Can’t you just tell the judge…People don’t understand. It’s not like I want to go to some random concert. It’s Ke$ha. That’s why I got these feathers in ma har. I bought clothes for the concurt. I got hotel ruums for the concurt. She’s my idul. I watch her videos 30 times a day. I’m obsessed with this gurl.

  47. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    Still better looking than Lady Gaga.

  48. tlmck

    Somebody has been partying with Lisa Robin Kelly.

  49. oldfool

    “It’s not that bad, Roy.”

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