1. Senor Trout

    Those front teeth just reminded me I still haven’t taken the leaf out of my table since hosting Thanksgiving.

  2. DeucePickle

    Who’s this busty chipmunk ?

  3. Those breasts look quite natural. Signed, Pam Anderson.

  4. Not sure if she’s been chewing on enough trees.

  5. Moo Cow Hunter

    Good thing her hair covers her tits. They practically jump out of her dress. No, scratch that! It’s bad, it’s bad.

  6. hacksaw

    I’d hit this beaver

  7. right

    She’s hot and needs to learn to smile with her lips together. Would NOT let those teeth near my crotch!

  8. oldfool

    The saline bleached her hair.

  9. bigalkie

    The Jade Family must be proud.

  10. She looks pretty damn hot imo. I’m loving the Wonder Woman bracelet., it feeds a few fantasies I have.

  11. nice garland of teeth

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