1. joe

    Getting caught picking lettuce out of your teeth sucks.

  2. Maria Shriver is looking at least 2 years younger since the breakup.

  3. Jade

    The thetan-level is strong in this one.

  4. LadyMoustache

    I think it’s great she’s aging gracefully. Unlike most of us.

  5. cc

    She doesn’t appear to have fucked up her face…well done.

  6. If you keep making that face, it will stick that way. Crap, too late.

  7. Phoenix

    That split second before crying on the inside reaches the outside.

  8. Helena Handbasket

    She is beautiful in person, why does she take such weird pictures?

  9. i few years back saw pics of her picking her nose then licking her finger, haven’t felt the same about her since.

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