1. Deacon Jones

    “Mellie…..he’s brown, Mellie”

    “Take the hood off. Then you get your price.”

  2. B.W.Mnstrl

    Can’t wait for his next one. This is the scene just after Jesse Owens won the 100 meters.

  3. USDA Prime McBeef

    Discussing Hanukkah plans.

  4. Lokigwar

    “They call it Iron Man, get it?”
    “No, I’m so confused…and racist…and sexist…”

  5. “So let me get this straight: $1 mill for the blackie and I can do whatever I want with it?…”

  6. “After she’s done blowing you, let’s burn her house down!”

  7. Downie: “Stick it in.”
    Gibson: “IIIIIII don’t know… what if I get some extraterrestrial disease?”
    Downie: “Just stick in in.”
    Gibson: “The fucking thing is half dead already… maybe it can’t breathe oxygen.”
    Downie: “THAT is why you fuck it now… It can’t fight back!”
    Gibson: “I just… don’t… know… it looks kinda Jewy.”

  8. Natty Ice

    “Where the hell did you find Jodi Foster’s Beaver? I thought that I buried that thing…”

  9. Jade

    Is it just me, or does it seriously look like they’re related? Its like a father-son moment.

  10. ThisWillHurt

    “Sup, Mel? Let’s have a nosh!”
    “. . .”

  11. Happy_Evil_Dude

    Holy crap, clones!!!!

  12. LadyMoustache

    “Jesus, Rob — it’s bigger than you are! But I gotta tell ya, circumcision is for kikes.”

  13. cc

    So, what are we going to do about this Jew?

  14. I bet Downy goes full Mel someday. I can feel it.

  15. No Jews were injured in the taking of this photo. Insulted, yes. But not injured.

  16. “l said that your friend died screaming like a stuck lrish pig. Now you think about that when l beat the rap.”

  17. cagster

    Gibson contemplating Downey Jnr’s offer of a BJ.

  18. Bionic_Crouton

    “Hey Mel… want my old expired Meds?”

  19. “Don’t you think the red and gold paint’s just a little…. too on the nose?”

  20. bewbs

    Are they pulling an Eiffel Tower on a goat?

  21. Downey looks like he’s holding a gun to Mel and toying with him before he kicks off the rooftop.

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