1. joe

    Formerly 36 D, now 36 long.

    • it had to be said

      Fuck that. I’d still do her in a second. And for a second, but that’s a personal problem.

  2. It’s like looking at the back of Lindsey Lohan, but without the freckles, needle-marks and scars.

  3. LadyMoustache

    Who the hell… oh, I give up.

  4. She’s 41, she’s had a kid…that’s what happens to tits on a woman unless you’re gonna pop for the plastic surgery. (Or just marry a small breasted woman.)

  5. Sheppy

    MMMmmm side-under boob.

  6. This is just a bad angle. Perfect for side boob, but bad for her face. She’s actually quite beautiful. Or at least she used to be, haven’t seen her since “Saving Silverman”

  7. Crissy

    Hey there Mamanda!

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