1. She’s 127 years old and still looks better than Courtney Stodden.

  2. Dox

    Gloves can hide the hands, but nothing can ever hide that face.

  3. The only 90 year old I’d ever consider banging

  4. shit, she was old when I was a kid, 40 years ago.

  5. Cock Dr

    OMG Charo lives!

  6. Ronaldo

    I have to agree…..not bad for such an old lady. Face does not look super pulled.

  7. kel

    Charo so old her ex husband was conceived in the 18 frigging hundreds! -Charo and Xavier Cugat were married for 11 years (until 1978).- 113 years (January 1, 1900)…he was one day away from being born in the 1800s

  8. catapostrophe


  9. fred

    Somewhere, Arnold Schwarzenegger is looking at this picture and thinking, “Now zats a fantaaaztick peez of ass.”

  10. If she could just grow those bangs another 8 inches, I definitely would!

  11. Sofia Vergara’s mom is hot!

  12. Flatliner

    Nice job of photoshopping a head onto a hot body

  13. I’d pay a dollar to see her mud wrestle Sofia Vergara! A veritable Latin coochee-coochee battle royal!

  14. JimBB

    It’s amazing how lifelike it looks.

  15. I changed her car tire outside the Hilton Hawaiian Village hotel in 1989. She was a super sweet lady. I wish her nothing but the best.

    See, I’m not 100% misogynistic bastard.

  16. How old is she, because she actually looks kind of doable.

  17. The only thing bad on her is her face. That body’s banging.

  18. John Cocktosen

    I thought Peter Falk was dead?

  19. I thought they only unearthed her for Love Boat reunion shows?

  20. crb

    The next frame is when the clown pops out of her snatch and bonks that guy on the nose with a mallet.

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