1. YadaYada

    Who cares if she’s talent-less and desperate? What a body.

  2. Dox

    That poor dog is going to need a flea bath.

  3. Schadenfreude

    You did say to show off my puppies, didn’t you?

  4. caley

    What a cute dog! Yeah, I noticed the dog before the boobs, what of it?!

  5. Randal

    Heaven may be missing an angel, but, to much of our luck, we’ve gained one sexy young star.


  6. I don’t see the point of taking selfies with your stuffed toys.

    I like the dog though.

  7. I am loving her Instagram, she truly understands what that damn thing is meant for.

  8. Vladimir


  9. I don’t have “jug-humped by a bichon” on my own bucket list, but who am I to judge?

  10. another day, another middle aged ho trying to find relevance on instagram

  11. Beastman AIDS

    In this photo: narcissist takes photo of dog.

  12. LLBL

    Lucky bitch!

  13. Lookit that dog – his eye is saying “Uh, maybe it’s not such a great idea to be in a pic with this skank”.

  14. I can kind of get ugly broads taking countless pictures of themselves and posting them online so other ugly broads can say “wow, you look gorgeous” and “who do we have here, Angelina Jr.?” so as to get similar comments in return, a silent agreement of sorts. Mind f’ing us all as we ask ourselves, is this pile of dog poo beautiful? Yes, a dirty game. But why do attractive women act so desperate like this one here? It is just embarrassing. And confusing me further. Where is my optometrist?!

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