1. And if I were dating her, that’s where I would put my hand all the time too.

  2. Oh

    i can’t even hate. that is one beautiful couple.

  3. Really ?

    I’d pay Le Bron to grab that…

  4. Ronaldo

    I cant disagree with him. I would do that too in his position.

  5. His hand is on her ass, her hands are in his pockets.

  6. Nice palming violation, Wade.

  7. JimBB

    Just off camera is a Korean shop-owner following them around.

  8. Damn skippy. Good man.

  9. alex

    All class.

  10. Vladimir

    Definitely the hands of a “baller”…

  11. Grippin’ dat booty like a bassetball…

  12. martina

    stay classy Dwayne …

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