1. Dox

    Dear ladies-
    Bleaching your eyebrows is not attractive. It just makes you look like a burn victim.

  2. cuddles

    Jared Leto looks better as a woman than Miley. Just ask Terry Richardson.

  3. Fresco

    Great picture of Miley. Unrecognizable.

  4. Mohawk Disco

    Great, now Miranda has cooties. There goes her chance at me!

  5. Visible Ink

    Miranda looks like a sexy little minx. Miley like a girl in a lot of emotional pain trying to wash it away with drugs.

  6. Jake

    Wonder if they banged. The idea turns me on.

  7. The alpha and the omega of attractive.

  8. Beauty and the Beast.

  9. First Beiber and now Cyrus? That’s it! Miranda Kerr, you’re dead to me…unless you pose topless again. Then I’ll only look once!

  10. Odbarc

    Did she shave her eyebrows?

  11. Where are the eyebrows, Miley?

  12. Wes Craven’s The Hills Have Eyebrows.

  13. thats so sexy.
    someone tell miley about the next sexy fad style- shaving off your tongue.

  14. whatever

    Her son is getting so big now!
    Oh wait, Miley…? lol

  15. Jenn

    What STD makes the eyebrows fall out? Oh yeah, Famewhoritis.

  16. cc

    This makes Miley look like Macaulay Culkin.


  17. crb

    No Miley, having Mandy set you up to get raped by Yorick Van Wageningen -HaagenDazs will not improve your career and get you an Oscar nom.

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