1. They’re at the post….

  2. Dox

    It’s nice to see her getting out of the stall every now and again.

  3. Cock Dr

    That’s a pretty skirt.
    I feel so proud of myself for not making an equine reference.

  4. Randal

    Watch out gents, ’cause the young Sarah Jessica is on the prowl. Don’t look directly at her, for this saucy seductress will have you snared. Rawr!


  5. Flatliner

    You know, if you focus just on the skirt portion, it actually looks like a horses ass…minus the tail…

  6. OK – who’s the disgruntled Nag that Thumbs-downed every horse post?

    Sara? Or Matthew?

  7. JimBB

    Excuse me, sir…I was told that there would be apples.

  8. Bold move letting her out without her blinders. If she gets spooked and bolts, it’s going to be a long night.

  9. Matthew Broderick

    Hey, now that you mention it, she DOES look a little like a horse! Look at her glossy coat. Giddy up, Dobbin!

  10. Mr Big

    If she’s a horse, how do you explain the gorilla-sized camel toe?

  11. The blacksmith hooked her up with some nice new shoes.

  12. Pensacola. That’s near Churchill Downs, right?

  13. fred

    So Sarah has to be aware by now of all of the horse jokes and, like all lasting stereotypes, there is an element of truth to them.

    That’s why it is so baffling to me that she would leave the house wearing a pair of shoes that make her feet look like hooves.

  14. crb

    Clomp, clomp, clomp, clomp.

    *Hey man, who’s banging those coconuts together? -Forget it. I see*

  15. crb

    Clearly the folks at Garnier lent her a little “Mane & Tail” for the evening.

    Question is: Did she also put some wax or “Bag Balm” on her mare teats?

  16. Vladimir


  17. I’ve never seen a horse wear panty hose, but it is NYC.

  18. Aww, I love watching someone happily tossing their mane.

  19. Stylist: Should I use a comb today?
    SJP: Nay.

  20. Seriously tho, she doesn’t look half bad here. Did she have her snout shortened?

    • Dox

      Nah, its an illusion. She’s just wearing a new bridle.
      But seriously folks, is it just me, or is she hot to trot?
      Ok ok….
      I guess my mind just galloped away with it….

      Thank you.. thank you…. please folks, don’t forget to tip your waitress….

      Or at least give her a sugar cube.

      Ba dum dum.

  21. cc

    ‘Phew, what a relief to get out of that thing!’
    *Puts pink bridle in her purse

  22. Brit

    I hear the Commons of Pensacola is a fantastic place to go for a canter. Excellent grazing too.

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