1. BigOkie

    Really not too bad, but nobody has done this shot better than Alba a few years back.

    • Don quido

      Not too bad? She looks like she is crawling into the ovens at Auschwitz. The 1st pic of Sophia Bush, now that is some fine tail.

  2. DeucePickle

    This chick is pretty damn hot. I approve.

  3. Anthony Scuzzione

    I would enter her with great enthusiasm

  4. cc

    Please let’s get a shot of Sophie Turner doing this.

  5. That’s an A grade smoked meat right there

  6. She’s no Alba, but I’d ride that ass hard.

  7. Oh, look. Anal’s off the menu, too. Unless you’re into getting your cock sanded down along the sides.

  8. Schmidtler

    This is why I come here – it’s just so classy and refined.

  9. Bigalkie

    Time for the daily inspiration.

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