1. Bronson Pinchot's Hair

    Still fat

  2. JPC

    I see he went with his formal hockey jersey…… I guess he still hasn’t figured out that hockey jerseys don’t hide the fact that you’re fat.

  3. Smapdi

    You look a little worn out, Kevin. Go have a snack.

  4. henry hill

    i wonder if he has a whole closet of identical hockey jerseys or does he just wear the same one every day?

  5. Yeah, fuck you Southwest Airlines. You should equip all your planes with seats the size of piano cases. How dare you discriminate against large people?

  6. Still a big fan of Smodcastle fries I see. Or is that Whitecastle? Whatever… he’s fat.

  7. stitching a satin logo on a mumu doesn’t mean it’s not a mumu

  8. Jade

    Who’d have thought that being too fat to fly could relaunch your career?

  9. cc

    Just have a Snickers buddy.

  10. “Hitchcock in Hollywood?” Is that a burger joint?

  11. downwithmuffins

    wtf.. i swear to GOD thats the only thing he ever wears.. amc fearfest taught me a lot

  12. EricLr

    Oh shit, Silent Bob ate Jay!!!

  13. sticky buns

    the face of a fat fuck who just soiled his pants…again

  14. Looks like Willy Wonka still hasn’t perfected that gum.

  15. Dick Trickle

    Did hockey jerseys become the official uniform for has beens?

  16. Looks like he’s pinching.

  17. cannon

    wow lots of snide hateful comments on this site. nice.

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