1. Mr. Poop

    Damn, what a wide load

  2. Bronson Pinchot's Hair


  3. Ronaldo

    Getting too fat. She better watch out

  4. BigOkie

    How she continually gets listed as one of “Hollywood’s Best Bodies” I will never understand.

    Oh, and “MOOOOOOOO!!!” Since no one had said it yet.

  5. Lemme guess… fat-assed, no-talent famewhore? Nailed it.


  6. Moo Cow Hunter

    What, my mom is now pimping our my sister instead of me?! That Bitch! Quick, get me a black guy and a camera.

  7. Jesus Kim! Stop spitting that stuff on the sidewalk.

  8. Contusion

    Nice gunt.

  9. BillEBuoy

    Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.
    Wide load now backing into the vehicle. Watch your step people.

  10. Amazed

    We need more cowbell…

  11. Cock Dr

    Those wide load udders desperately need a proper bra.

  12. squishy

    Why wear a bra when you can get those puppies replaced anytime I guess…

  13. lawn

    In five more years, she’ll be playing soccer with those tits.

  14. Little Tongue

    Seems like Kim is really letting herself down, these days.

  15. Radadoon

    Kim’s body is so out of proportion not even a Body Shop could straighten out that wreckage!

  16. Dick Trickle

    She and Kevin Smith are gonna have to go halvsies on a private plane.

  17. nelle

    Hey, look! It’s ethnic Jessica Simpson!

  18. Martina

    Translation: “Kanye, have you checked out Kylie lately?”

  19. Chicken Ala Kinky

    I’d still hit it

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