1. catapostrophe


  2. GLT

    The douche is strong with this one.

  3. Ladypants

    I think next year he should dress up as someone with a relevant career.

  4. Please be at Seppuku practice

  5. MRF

    Do Jedi’s wear jeans?

  6. His smegma & nut funk keeps people at a respectable distance.

  7. EricLr

    There can be only….well, many….douchebags at this party.

  8. Tiger

    Usagi Yojimbo?

  9. He wasn’t invited, he was already there and he looks pissed they woke him up

  10. arnieblackblack

    More of a samu-why? I feel…

  11. Re-creating John Belushi’s much-forgotten “Samurai Hobo.”

  12. Once he rids himself of the five o’clock shadow and grows his tits, a quick little penis-ectomy will make him perfect!

  13. Bionic_Crouton

    Uh oh, someone didn’t tip the bathroom attendant.

  14. Dangles the Wonder Mule

    This is not the douchebag you seek…….

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