1. Matt, buddy, stop applying that sticky aftershave….

  2. Wally Cleaver with a pedo beard.

  3. I’m not gay. At all. But if I were…

  4. cc

    Holy shit! Someone in Hollywood knows how to wear a nice suit and a decent tie?

    • Stinker McStink

      This should come as no surprise. He’s gay. Hence the excellent sense of style and good looks.

      • He’s also one of the few in Hollywood that aren’t attention whores, and that spend most of their time with spouse and kids.

        in other words, he’s a perfect man, and I can’t have him. :(

    • He’s an actor, fer crying out loud. He’s just acting like “Someone in Hollywood who knows how to wear a nice suit and a decent tie.” In reality he’s Russell Brand’s mentor.

  5. jorge

    matt boner

  6. mandizzle

    i be his beard tickles

  7. Swearin

    I thought he didn’t need to have a beard anymore?

  8. egg solo

    Am I the one who sees a gay Ryan Reynolds?

  9. tlmck

    So Ricky Martin changed his name?

  10. edamame

    Goddamnit, he’s fine.
    I’d sop him up with a biscuit!

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