1. The Old Man

    Seriously?? Right before lunch??

  2. shonzie

    blond Steven Tyler

  3. Oh sweet fucking baby JESUS SHITTING A FOOTBALL what the fuck?

  4. cp3

    Janis the muppet

    • BE


      There’s a fashion icon for ya!

      Sporting 10K plus just with the jacket and STILL looks worse than an average transvestite.

  5. rough, rough, notoriouss

    Say I love you Donatella! “eye wove woo”

  6. it had to be said

    It looks like she got an entire mouth transplant. From someone much bigger than she is.

  7. That is one handsome woman.

  8. rough, rough, notoriouss

    I think she looks lovely actually. Its her accent, that brings the comedy for me.

  9. Mickey Rourke lost a lot of weight!

  10. See what happens when you stick your head in a beehive?

  11. Any Guy

    its the Creature from the Black Lagoon in whiteface! nice.

  12. Johnny Cochran's Tumor

    Did Robert Davi have a sex change operation?

  13. Mick? Mick Jagger, is that really you?

  14. Evil Dick Tater

    Clearly Andy Cunanan whacked the wrong Versace.

  15. Johnny P!

    Why oh WHY did Iggy Pop get hair extensions???
    They just age him, man!

  16. White Chicks II has started shooting.

  17. This is weird, but when I looked at her face, the phrase “Fatty Liver” came to mind.

    If I ever see her in person, I’m going to call her Fatty Liver.

    • Johnny P!

      Too funny!
      “Hello, Fatty Liver!”
      Actually, you need to learn how to say it in Italian, otherwise she won’t understand, think you said something sweet, and will come over to give you a hug and a big kiss.

  18. Cock Dr

    Try not to laugh as you stand in the presence of an international fashion icon.
    The gays will beat you if you can’t resist the urge to cackle.

  19. DontMindMe_sf

    Not bad looking if you realize she actually died three years ago

  20. Deacon Jones

    Hey look!

    It’s FISH all done up going to the local drag show ion Philly this weekend!

  21. Bonky

    Somewhere in the world there is a guy beating off to this picture…. and he is completely insane.

  22. JC

    “And all those doctors said I couldn’t replace all the skin on my face with a vintage Versace handbag! Oh how they laughed at me! WHO’S LAUGHING NOW?”

  23. Buddy the Elf

    Madonna had her lips done?

  24. Looks like Buffalo Bill finally finished his human skin costume. Putting the lotion on its skin didn’t help a fucking bit though.

    • Johnny P!

      “It puts the lotion on its skin, it does this whenever it’s tol— ahh fuck it! Who are kiddin? This is Naugahyde.”

  25. I’m so glad the Muppets are making a comeback.

  26. Leather is expensive, I see why she decorated herself in it.

  27. When did Marilyn Manson go bonde?

  28. cagster

    Italians are known for their leather goods.

  29. Johnny P!

    Who knew?
    Donatella Versace,the reigning queen of one of the world’s top Haute Couture Houses, owns a BeDazzler!

  30. Contusion

    Stop. There is no caption for this. Just move on quickly.

  31. Venom

    Fuck you Fish and Photoboy, fuck you. Two middle fingers in the air.
    This is disgusting. What the hell did we do to you to deserve this?

  32. Perplexity

    Helluva wig Eric Roberts has there.

  33. Augustus Maywho

    Take Heidi Montag add The Grinch and Don Knotts
    Holy Sh*t Moreau, this is worse than we thoughts!

  34. Miss C

    Dina Lohan circa 2035

  35. Truk

    This is what happens when you travel back in time and fuck your own grandmother.

  36. farting old man's wife

    It’s one of the cavemen from the Gieco commercial!! That is a scary looking woman!!

  37. sc4play

    Damn it Photo Boy, Halloween was 3 weeks ago!!! No fair pulling this scary shit out now!

  38. You guys all suck. I think she’s recovering wonderfully from that chimpanzee attack.

  39. She’s obviously doing recon for the Lizard people.

  40. HITLER

    It’s just so fucked up.

    ps I LOVE KIDS!!!

  41. Bianca

    If I was your daughter and knew this is what my future holds, I’d be trying to expedite my death via starvation too.

  42. me

    why is it so difficult to be a tastfull old lady these days?

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