1. dontkillthemessenger

    The Horse’s grandmother was my favorite character on Sex and the City.

  2. it had to be said

    Golden Girls remake looks like good stuff.

  3. “Take this quarter, go downtown, and have a rat gnaw that thing off your face!”

    Uncle Buck

  4. Cock Dr

    I’m in the process of watching the entire “Sex in the City” series for the first time. Kim Catrall does NOT look like this in any of the episodes.
    Why doesn’t Sarah Jessica Parker ever reveal her tits on that show? Something wrong with them? Too good for her while her costars let it all hang out?

    • TomFrank

      Well, what you’re watching started over 13 years ago. And it’s my understanding that SJP had a no-nudity clause.

    • cc

      ‘I’m in the process of watching the entire “Sex in the City” series for the first time’

      You are watching the entire series? Voluntarily?

      • Richard McBeef

        +1 MFS

      • Cock Dr

        There are some laughs….and some fabulous shoes.
        It’s dark here at 5:00PM…. strange things will get thrown into the NetFlix queue over the next couple months.

      • MJB

        She was a producer on “Sex and the City” (the show & films) and the show’s creator pushed for her to be on the show. So she doesn’t need to show her stuff.
        And if you take into consideration it’s supposed to be all a fantasy, it’s a funny show.

    • There are easier ways to confirm you’re gay.

    • BE

      Where have you been for the last decade? On the moon?

      SJP refused to bare anything. All four actresses had no hair and wardrobe control so SJP would wear her bra regardless of what they made her wear – that’s how the practice of just showing your bra under anything and everything started – a lot of women worshiped this series. Sad, because in real life the four of them would have died from AIDS, been raped, murdered or jailed.

      If you choose to watch the movies, I feel obligated to warn you NOT to watch SATC-2 – seriously, that’s two plus hours of my life I’ll NEVER get back and wish I could. Calling it idiotic is a kindness. And I have to add that one can tell that the foursome knew it was a dog and couldn’t hide it in their acting. It also semed like they were trying to make Catrall look hideous.
      As for Catrall, embracing the stereotype of her Samantha role – doesn’t appear to be working that well for her. This is just another photo of her where’s she’s smiling but still looks sad…

      • Cock Dr

        1st – We haven’t been under a big rock; we don’t have cable. We just aren’t that interested in “TV”. The internet is the thing in my household.
        2nd – I did it all wrong RE: watching the series. I watched the movies first when they were released on DVD.
        The shows have their moments if you can and WANT to buy into the fantasy NY NY lifestyle; am about to finish up the final season and then I’ll watch the 1st movie again. Yes, that 2nd movie was big budget dreadful.
        IMO all four of the lady leads are excellent comedic actresses. The woman up above has made me LOL a lot over the last couple weeks.

  5. Evil Dick Tater

    Young and lovely as ever…

  6. TomFrank

    Wow, the photowalls are getting harsh these days.

  7. She was invited to the ‘Private Lives’ event as an example of someone who should probably live one.

  8. Deacon Jones

    “ohhhHHHh….you think I need,,,,a “facelift”, Doctorrr…..? Does it involve a…faciallll….mmmMM”

  9. The possibility of seeing Kim Cattrall naked is why I’ve never watched Sex and the City.

  10. cc

    Could be worse, could be Kelly McGillis

  11. Hillary is lookin’ pretty good.

  12. Kabe

    I remember her as Eric Forman’s mother in “That 70s show”

  13. Venom

    Time to break out the rock climbing gear.

  14. Perplexity

    Lauren Hutton, everyone.

  15. chinto

    All that cleavage is missing is a square of butter and some maple syrup

  16. “Someone get one of those white lollipops from Fran Drescher, give it to Kim, then tell her to go the fuck home.”

  17. Chauncy

    She looks like Kathleen Turner when she started getting fat and ugly.

  18. BE

    On the bright side. I felt the series was far better than both movies – although the first movie was OK.
    Yes – it IS funny – but be grateful you don’t have satellite – when they syndicated there was about 6 months there where four different cable channel were running SATC at the same time.

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