1. “John! John! Please sign this! It’s a tattoo I have of your face… inside my vagina”

  2. it had to be said

    He’s a great actor. On TV he’s a bad dude, in real life he wears scarves like a bitch.

  3. “JOHN, JOHN … sign my desk calendar!”

  4. Cock Dr

    Jeezus…is he just out of bed from a bad case of flu?

  5. TomFrank

    You know how I know you’re not gay, Jon Hamm? Because you wore that scarf with that suit.

  6. DontMindMe_sf

    Wait, who said that?!? My scarf is metro, ok, not gay!

  7. “John! JOHN! Sign my issue of Harelip Bazaar?”

  8. For a second, I thought it was Jude Law.

  9. smarty2345

    God, Tobey Maguire is looking haggard.

  10. At what point does it stop being a scarf and start being a cervical collar?

  11. When he starts wearing it on his cervix.

  12. I believe that he’s shrinking. soon he will be a Hamm me down.

  13. move: hamm becomes self aware. bwaaaaaaaaaahm.

  14. Hah!! Poor man’s Don Dra… wait.

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