1. it had to be said

    Back at ya, Sly.

  2. “Seriously, look. It’s like modeling clay. That fingerprint will be in my cheek all day.”

  3. Rocky the Musical? WTF is wrong with Germany?

  4. “The closest Jennifer will let it get is right here. Brigitte didn’t mind the mouth, but hey… whaddaya do?”

  5. 1NDUN

    ‘Rocky – Das Musical’. No doubt dreamt up during Oktoberfest. Wish I thought of it first.

  6. Rocky the Musical? I bet “I must break you” will be a big number.

  7. No, man… you’re number one.

  8. O'chunt

    “Nope, can’t feel a thing.”

  9. I’m sorry, but nothing in this picture is funnier than “Rocky – Das Musical.” You could’ve had just the caption and a blank space where the picture would be and I’d still be laughing as hard.

    And it’s at an opera house! *doubles over*

  10. SLY SINGING: “Touch, uh, touch, uh, touch, uh, touch me. I wanna be Rocky”

  11. The collective "meh"

    “On da good ship Loll-i-pop…”

  12. Bonky

    “‘Rocky – Das Musical’ at TUI Operettenhaus opera house in Hamburg, Germany”

    So some douchebag on the other side of the ocean tells you they are putting on a musical about your old movie career, in German, and you fly out there for the opening because you will do anything to get just a few more minutes in the spotlight ?

    • Ripley's Believe It Or Not

      To be fair, I think they threw in the promise of a few free plastic surgeries as well.

  13. He’s kneading dough.

  14. Skink

    I can’t stand this spineless piece of shit! During the Viet Nam War he hid out in Europe attempting to sustain himself by doing bi sexual porno’s for a living, but his career was cut short by his small penis! LOL! Anyway he then has the gull or nerve to come back and becomes a millionaire by making movies about a war he was too much of a coward to fight in.

  15. cc

    ‘I even injected HGH right here.’

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