1. unhuh

    i have no comment

  2. ThisWillHurt

    “This isn’t big enough for a stripper to pop out of. Grumble grumble.”

  3. What’s up with the man sweater Paul Rudd?

  4. Whoa! Paul… keep those candles away from your chest.

  5. Dr. Cocksider

    Remake of Smell Like Teen Spirit video??

  6. Johnny P!

    “Oh, Mr. Graaaaant!”

  7. Grandpa looks pissed!

  8. Cock Dr

    Ed Asner has gone full Grizzly Adams, and it looks as though he’s ready for a long cold winter.

  9. Wait…*does math*…Ed Asner was 40 when The Mary Tyler Moore Show premiered? That’s scary.

    –TomFrank, 41

  10. Oz Matters

    What makes it worse was that Ed Asner was only just sitting in the audience.

  11. kimmykimkim

    *sigh* Would do Paul Rudd. He’s really cute.

  12. Phoenix

    Where’s Baby Bear?

  13. Bonky

    Ed Asner ? Fuck it, at first I thought it was Robert Prosky.

  14. tlmck

    Paul Rudd and Radioman.

  15. Later

    Ed: . .Where the hell am i ??

    Paul: Must keep smiling…..

  16. I don’t know the faintest thing about this play and I hate theater, but I would watch the fuck about this.

  17. mbcl

    “I still hate spunk “

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