1. “Why yes, I do know Jeremy Renner.”

  2. Deacon Jones

    He looks dead inside

  3. Prince looks flattered to be there.

  4. “Heroin? For me? You shouldn’t have!”

  5. Dr. Cocksider

    Prince never looks so white…

  6. Sheppy

    Oh bless!

  7. “Be still my beating heart. Heroin? For me?”

  8. Timothy

    Great Prince’s Ghost!

  9. Crissy

    “Why you ask? Of course I am gay!, silly, ah ah hah!”

  10. Bigalkie

    ” Why yes, The Notebook was my favourite movie of all time”.

  11. I just never tilt my head and put a flat hand on my chest when I converse. It is simply not in my repertoire of mannerisms.

  12. pff

    “Aww, a brand new set of anal dildos pre-lubed pour moi? You spoil me with your kindness, Jared Leto.”

  13. Bonky

    Straightest mutherfucker in the all mens bath house.

  14. Cutthecrap

    Heroin is a hell of a drug

  15. Moi? Homme? Ne pas

  16. right

    Girl…let me tell you!

  17. While clearly a reaction shot, I can’t decide if it’s a reaction to Jared Leto in drag or Jon Hamm’s penis.

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