1. mcdoubler

    Shouldn’t that say CAUGHT on the set of the dallas buyers club?

  2. Good to see Steven Tyler getting his shit together.

  3. Why is “Trading Places” Jamie Lee Curtis here?

  4. Michael_D


  5. Juch

    Looks more masculine than usual.

  6. Deacon Jones

    Hey, we’ve all been there

  7. The first rule of the Cross Dressers Club is you never do it in public. For obvious reasons…

  8. Jesus. What a fucking wreck.

  9. Dr. Cocksider

    It’s not the set, is in the house with normal clothes…

  10. Johnny P!

    Indie film footnote.

  11. The the most masculine he’s looked in a long time.

  12. Spoiler Alert: This season’s The Walking Dead will include cross-dressing zombies.

  13. RStak

    “Would you f–k me? I’d f–k me. I’d f–k me so hard.”

  14. Mama Pinkus

    someone needs to take him to a buffet

  15. I’m so totally not shocked.

  16. skinnyfat

    Hey Jared, it’s too early for a Silence of the Lambs remake

  17. zomgbie

    best margot kidder has looked in a good while.

  18. anonymous

    I guess Lady Gaga really did lose some weight.

  19. karlito

    I KNEW IT!!!!!!

  20. “Dammit Jared! You’re due on the set, get INTO costume!”

  21. Having Kristen Stewart play Steven Tyler just might be the most genius casting move since Cate Blanchett played Bob Dylan.

  22. Crissy

    Oh. That is just soooooo wroooooong!

  23. Bigalkie

    I always knew this guy was a bitch.

  24. Gregory

    Coming soon in 2013, the Against Me! biopic starring Jared Leto as Laura Jane Grace.

  25. This is how Ive always seen him.

  26. The collective "meh"

    They don’t start filming until next Tuesday.

  27. Tron


  28. KtothaJ

    Jared Leto is Daryl Hannah? So I guess that was where she’s been these last 15 years.

  29. Bonky

    You can tell it’s going to be a blockbuster because they got Jared Leto to dress up in drag…..

  30. pff

    I like to screw men and women, so this is like a dream to me. I’d hit it.

  31. oldfool

    I’d still fuck that before Blowhan.

  32. christine

    kristen stewart is looking surprisingly feminine

  33. Throw a blonde wig and some cold sores on that, and he’s Courtney Love circa 1991.

  34. Alexis

    This is the harvest of starring in a Darren Aronofsky film.

  35. AnnaD.


  36. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    Cue Diana Ross -

    “I’m.. coming… out…”

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