1. Ginger fan feels cheated: “There’s just a void…”

  2. “Look, alls I’m saying is that I have a sweet ’89 Cutlass Supreme and you should make things even with that guy…”

  3. Johnny P!

    Her breasts are at Liberty to go in whichever direction they please…

  4. Is it healthy to have a sternum fetish?

  5. That’s the look of a woman with the image of her husband going down on Kristen Stewart permanently burned on her retinas.

    • kimmykimkim

      They should’ve just done her together. Why cheat when you can have a threesome? Unless the wife isn’t into that. Then you should definitely cheat on her.

      • I was thinking the same thing. Here’s my porno screenplay. Liberty discovers that Rupert’s been cheating on her with Kristen. She confronts him and forces him to call Kristen over to their house. When Kristen arrives, she and Liberty start arguing. Liberty threatens to expose their affair to the media if Kristen doesn’t do what she wants. Kristen has too much to loose, so she gives in.

        Liberty orders Kristen to go down on her, and forces Rupert to watch, but doesn’t allow him to touch either of them. After Liberty cums, she shoves Kristen away from her and leaves the room. Kristen thinks it’s over and gets up to leave when suddenly Liberty returns with a chest filled with her favourite toys. Kristen is speechless as she gazes upon the wide assortment of toys most of which are alien to her. Liberty says as she grabs hold of some anal beads, “I’m just getting started.”

        “Rupert, you know what to do” Liberty snaps. Rupert immediately grabs Kristen and handcuffs her arms being her back. He throws her to the ground and positions her face down ass up and holds her there. Kristen struggles and pleads with Rupert to let her go, but he gives her no response. Liberty approaches them with the now lubed up anal beads. She waves it in front of Kristen’s face, letting her see the object that will violate her, letting the panic wash over her.

        Liberty slowly positions herself behind Kristen, taking her time to survey the young starlet’s exposed privates. She begins to rub the beads against Kristen’s skin. Kristen trembles at the first touch. Liberty chuckles to herself and begins to insert the first bead. Kristen grunts forcefully as the bead invades her anus.

        This is going too long. TL;DR version. After Liberty toys with Kristen to her satisfaction, she and Rupert tag team Kristen then kick her out like the whore she is.

      • Cutthecrap

        Nice. Very nice.

  6. titty fucking her would be like humping an ipad.

  7. Crissy

    I don’t get it! Why do women with not breasts insist on showing chest?!!! Is that her cry for implant donations?

    • While I agree, it makes as much sense as the women with ridiculous implants wearing dresses that show off their obvious plastic surgery.

      to me that’s far more pathetic. At least a flat chested women is natural and appealing to many men, but a woman with bags of saline stuffed under her skin is just creepy pitiful…like a guy with a bad comb-over.

  8. Oz Matters

    I probably would prefer death.

  9. Bigalkie

    Her parents named her this ” Liberty Lettice Lark Ross “.

  10. HollywoodOutsider

    Jared Leto on the set of ?????

  11. oldfool

    Was she named after Gerald Ford’s stuffed dog on Saturday Night Live? “Here Liberty.”

  12. Ginger :”Y U No have tits!”

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